Welcome to Adventures in Video!

This site is meant to be a dialog around my personal Adventures in Video with the hopes of sharing my tips and tricks with you. Along the way, I hope to build a community of fellow videographers who want to grow their skills and share their ideas in this ever changing field.

If you’ve ever watched Pixar’s “Ratatouille” you’ll be familiar with the book “Anyone Can Cook”. Thanks to changes in technology and lower-costs-of entry we are now in era where “anyone can produce video”. Not only can we take photos with our mobile phones but we can also shoot and edit video on them! Truly anyone can shoot video these days. It’s the desktop publishing revolution happening all over again but this time with video.

When I started shooting, Christopher Lochhead, the CMO of Mercury Interactive, described my team as Guerrilla Videographers. And we were. Almost everything we shot was run-and-gun with prosumer gear and Home Depot lights. I slowly added gear to my arsenal as my skills grew and my projects become more intricate.

Today I manage a small studio where we produce everything from talking heads to interviews to demos. We have a multi-camera setup where we use a Blackmagic Design ATEM switcher to select camera angles and record direct to disk. Or — direct to the Internet with a Livestream Broadcaster. I also like to take it on the road where we cover live events or record customer testimonials.

I recently worked side-by-side with a team who was in Guerrilla Video mode. They were doing the same things I used to do but with much more modern gear and software. They had all sorts of questions about how I grew my skills and team. At the same time, they had some very cool gear that I was anxious to learn about. We had an exciting dialog over the week we worked together. “The more things change the more they stay the same” comes to mind. It is the newbies on the block who I hope will find this site useful as well as the old-timers who want to keep up with the fast pace that things are currently changing. I welcome everyone to join in the dialog as we all learn together and produce exciting videos together.



  • Great site Roger! I’ve tweeted some of your blogs. Is it a WordPress site?

    Michael “still job hunting” Fasman

    • rjennings Says

      Yes, this is a WordPress site. Thanks for the tweets — I really appreciate it. Good luck on your job search. Have you tried On24? I have a contact there that I could refer you too.

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